Smart Contract Development: Secure and audited smart contract for REBOOT token to ensure transparency and trust.

Community Building: Telegram, Discord, Twitter - Get ready for the hype train with a strong and engaged REBOOT community. Branding and Marketing: Spread the word about Reboot Token with a comprehensive marketing campaign. Let's go viral!

Merchandise and Swag: Rock the Reboot style with branded merchandise and swag. Show off your Reboot pride!



Token Launch: Reboot (REBOOT) Token officially takes off. Get ready for lift off!

Partnerships: Collaborate with creators, influencers, and content platforms. Let's join forces and spread the Reboot movement!

Merchandise and Swag: Rock the Reboot style with branded merchandise and swag. Show off your Reboot pride!

Token Listings: Launch $REBOOT token on popular DEXS with ample liquidity and accessibility. Trade with ease.

Exchange Listings: Level up our trading game with listings on established CEXS. Reach people.

Awareness Campaigns: Take the Reboot revolution mainstream. Media, influencers, and popular platforms, we're coming for you!



Gated Community: Unlock exclusive benefits in the Reboot gated community. updates, exclusive content, and interactive experiences await you!

Market Cap Goal: Aim high, aim for $1 Trillion market capitalization. Let's show the world the true power of Reboot!

Tier 1 CEX Listings: Get listed on top-tier CEXS. Boost liquidity, accessibility, and reach for all Reboot warriors!


The launch of the REBOOT token will help sustain the growth of the REBOOT community and reward loyal members.


Common answers to questions about REBOOT token can be found bellow.

RebootWallet is Designed to Hold Users Reboot Tokens.
Future Development is Already Underway for a Variety of New Features Including In-App Buy, Sell, Swap & NFT‘s.

Reboot Token is a Utility Token on the BNB Blockchain
Reboot Token is Just the Beginning,
Check Out Our Roadmap…

YES!!!! Reboot Token Can’t Reboot the Crypto World Without Our Own Exchange…
Check Out Our Affiliates NFT Marketplace & Luxury Classified
**Available ONLY for Reboot Wallet Users**

RebootWallet will Begin Our 12 Month Campaign Starting May 2023. Early RebootWallet Users will be Rewarded Heavily with a Tiered Multiplier of Tokens.
May - 12x Reboot Tokens
June - 11x Reboot Tokens
July - 10x Reboot Tokens

RebootWallet will Match Users Screenshot Coin Total up to 1,000 Reboot Tokens.
Our 12 Month Promotion Allows Users the Opportunity to Multiply Airdrop Tokens for a Maximum of 12,000 Reboot Tokens.
Early RebootWallet Users have the Ability to Receive Up to 12,000 Reboot Tokens with RebootWallets 12x Tiered Promotion.

Development is Not Free
RebootWallet is Revolutionizing Crypto for Being the First Team to Not Own Any of Our Assets Before Launch.
That Means No Rug Pulls, No Games & No Fraud!
We Charge a Minimal Entry Fee for Use of Our Service Which Funds New Features, Platforms and Partnerships.
Our Monthly Subscription Fee Maintains All Aspects of the Project Keeping The Community Always Moving Forward.
Download RebootWallet Today and Let’s Reboot the Crypto World Together!

Presale of 100 Billion Tokens Starts August 1st, 2023 until May 31st of 2024.
Pricing starts at $0.10 increasing $0.10 per month until it reach’s $1.00 USD May 2024.
Pre-Sale Launch August - $0.10 USD
September - $0.20 USD
October - $0.30 USD
April - $0.90 USD
May 31st, 2024 - $1.00 USD

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